What is the importance of Yoga in School?

Yoga boosts self-esteem and confidence.

Yoga helps to instil confidence and to bring learning to children on an exponential level. Yoga helps them to persevere, be patient, and work towards their goals. Yoga also provides tools for practising compassion, mindfulness, generosity, focus, strength and flexibility.

Yoga has great benefits for children with special needs such as Autism and Cerebral Palsy, as well as students with learning disabilities and ADHD. Some postures work to improve and strengthen muscles while yoga breathing helps increase lung function.

Why Meditation should be taught in Schools

Students who were taught meditation at school reported higher optimism, more positive emotions, stronger self-identity, greater self acceptance and took better care of their health as well as experiencing reduced anxiety, stress and depression.

Major Benefits of Yoga

  • Improves flexibility
  • Develops strength of mind and body
  • Reduces stress levels
  • Reduces anxiety

My classes are suitable for primary children right through to sixth form students;

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